Neutral outlook on USD/JPY from UOB.

UOB provided its neutral outlook on USD/JPY today. “USD registered a range of 99.08/106.81 or roughly 770 pips. This is the single largest daily range since October 1998. Near-term outlook is unclear after the extreme movement and we do not have a firm view except that trading is likely to be confined within the 99.08/106.81 […]

UOB is bearish on EUR/USD.

UOB provided its outlook on EUR/USD, mentioning that it’s possible the rate to drop 1.0900 areas. “EUR broke several key supports last Friday and dropped to a low of 1.0905/10. The short-term rebound from the low appears to be corrective in nature and a break below 1.0905/10 could lead to further drop to the very […]

Bullish outlook on NZD/USD from UOB Group.

UOB analysts provided their bullish outlook on NZD/USD yesterday. “The 0.7030 stop-loss for the current bullish NZD view is barely intact (overnight low of 0.7032). There is a slim prospect that this level may continue to hold but unless NZD can move and stay above 0.7105 by end of today, the outlook for this pair […]

UOB will turn bearish if EUR/USD falls below 1.12.

UOB analysts are still neutral on EUR/USD, however they stated that in case of the pair closing below 1.1200, they will revise their outlook to bearish. “While the downward momentum has eased somewhat after the rebound from the low of 1.1231 yesterday, the undertone for EUR is still weak and the immediate risk is tilted […]

A target of 106 on USD/JPY from UOB.

UOB analyst provided their outlook on USD/JPY today, suggesting a target of 106 on this pair. “The expected extension to 108.20 turned into a rout as USD plummeted to a low of 106.48 last Friday. While severely over-extended, the current USD weakness could extend lower to 106.00 even though oversold shorter-term indicators suggest a slower […]

UOB is bullish on USD/JPY.

UOB analysts provided their outlook on USD/JPY, suggesting to take partial profit at 110.45. “The bullish USD phase that started last week is still clearly intact and the first target of 109.70 has been exceeded. However, shorter-term indicators are clearly overbought and those who are long from last week should look to take partial profit […]

Neutral outlook on AUD/USD from UOB.

UOB analysts remain neutral on AUD/USD.  “AUD dipped below 0.7200 yesterday but rebounded quickly from a low of 0.7175. The bias is tilted to the downside but as mentioned yesterday, a sustained down-move is likely only upon a clear break below 0.7200 (say a daily closing below this level). In the meanwhile, this pair is […]

Bearish target on AUD/USD from UOB.

UOB analysts provided their bearish outlook on AUD/USD today. “As highlighted last Friday, the recent sharp drop in AUD appears to be running ahead of itself and those who are short should take partial profit at 0.7340 (low has been 0.7338). While further extension to 0.7300 is not ruled out, we are still of the […]

UOB thinks that EUR/USD will decline to 1.1300.

According to the analysts at UOB, EUR/USD will move down to 1.1300 area in a short-term. “We just shifted to a neutral stance last Friday and there is no change to the view. The current movement is viewed as corrective pull-back which has scope to extend lower to 1.1300 but at this stage, a sustained […]

EUR/USD short-term outlook from UOB Group.

According to the UOB Group analysts, the EUR/USD will move lower in the short-term. “While the break below 1.1230 bodes well for our bearish EUR view, the downward momentum is not as impulsive as we would like and this coupled with the strong support at 1.1145 suggests that EUR may struggle to move below this […]
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