UOB will turn bearish if EUR/USD falls below 1.12.

UOB analysts are still neutral on EUR/USD, however they stated that in case of the pair closing below 1.1200, they will revise their outlook to bearish. “While the downward momentum has eased somewhat after the rebound from the low of 1.1231 yesterday, the undertone for EUR is still weak and the immediate risk is tilted […]

Bullish outlook on JPY from Morgan Stanley.

Morgan Stanley analysts are still bullish on JPY. “We maintain our structurally bullish JPY view. We don’t expect intervention, particularly in light of the current G7 meeting, and don’t expect fiscal stimulus to change the trajectory on JPY. With questions about the future success of Abenomics, FX hedging and repatriation flows will continue to drive […]

A target of 1.4005 on GBP/USD from Barclays.

Barclays analysts turned even more bearish on GBP/USD after the pair fell below the support level of 1.4340 “and signal a double-top under the 1.4770 highs.” “Our initial targets are towards the 1.4090 area. A move below there would signal downside towards 1.4005” written in the report. As of 9:02 AM EDT the pair was […]

BankForecast.com USD/JPY Weekly Forecast June 13-17 2016

Is Fed rate increase ahead in June? During previous weeks several FOMC voting members heated market expectations by openly supporting June or July rate hike. Although US economy is showing signs of recovery, there are still some weaknesses and risks that might influence rate increase decision to be postponed for July or even September meeting. […]

JPY analysis from Credit Agricole.

Credit Agricole provided its outlook on USD/JPY and EUR/JPY. “The JPY seems to be rallying for all the wrong reasons and, that said, bad reasons – risk aversion, growing market disillusionment with Abenomics and deepening investor conviction that the BoJ has run out of tools to boost growth and inflation. Persistent policy divergence between the […]

Barclays remained bearish on AUD/USD.

Barclays analysts are still bearish on AUD/USD. “We are clinging to our bearish view. Wednesday’s spike higher and subsequent low close signals buyer capitulation. A low close today would endorse downside towards 0.7040 and then the 0.6825 year-to-date lows. A sustained break above 0.7260 would signal a squeeze higher towards 0.7370 before sellers emerge” written […]

A target of 106 on USD/JPY from UOB.

UOB analyst provided their outlook on USD/JPY today, suggesting a target of 106 on this pair. “The expected extension to 108.20 turned into a rout as USD plummeted to a low of 106.48 last Friday. While severely over-extended, the current USD weakness could extend lower to 106.00 even though oversold shorter-term indicators suggest a slower […]

Bearish outlook on GBP from Morgan Stanley.

Morgan Stanley analysts provided their bearish outlook on GBP today. “Recent GBP weakness has been driven by a turnaround in the latest Brexit poll results, which we believe will remain volatile in the run up to the referendum. However, we stay bearish on GBP for structural reasons. First, recent UK economic data has remained sluggish. […]

Commerzbank’s outlook on EUR/USD.

Karen Jones, Head of FICC Technical Analysis at Commerzbank provided an outlook on EUR/USD on Friday. “EUR/USD is starting to bounce from the critical 1.1102/1.1058 key support. This is the location of the 200 day ma, the 55 week ma, the December high, the March 16 low and the short term uptrend. This is major […]
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