Bullish outlook on AUD/USD from UOB.

UOB analysts provided a bullish outlook on AUD/USD, stating that the currency pair is approaching the key level of 0.7385. UOB expects the rate to move towards 0.7440 and beyond if it breaks the resistance of 0.7385. The rate will drop only if it breaks the level of 0.7220 according to the analysts. The currency pair […]

USD/JPY target of 100 from Barclays.

Barclays provided a target of 100 for USD/JPY currency pair in a medium-term. “Perceived policy limits on some major central banks including the BoJ led the market to shift its focus to fiscal stimulus going into the G20. However, fundamental improvement, particularly in the US and China, will likely be needed to provide any material […]

Credit Suisse expects the oil price to hit $50.

According to Credit Suisse’s global equity research analysts the price of Crude oil may reach as high as $50/bbl by May 2016. The analysts mentioned that the fundamentals improved in February, so the demand will also remain strong, as the world is not “heading into recession, or worst”. Brent Crude closed above $38 on Friday, jumping […]

USD/CAD bearish view from Barclays.

Barclays Capital provided technical setups for several currency pairs on March 4. The analysts expect the USD/CAD to decline to 1.3230 if it manages to fall below the their initial downside target of 1.3460. The pair closed at 1.3315 on Friday, 0.64% below the previous close.

EUR/GBP analysis from UBS.

UBS provided some analyses on EUR/GBP, highlighting that they are prone to think that UK will remain in the EU. The analysts also added that they expect some weakness in GBP till the vote on 23 June. “We have studied where we think EUR/GBP will end the year, depending on the result of the UK referendum […]

Bearish target on EUR/USD from Barclays.

Barclays analysts turned even more bearish on EUR/USD after a break below the support level of 1.1060. As noted in the report their view will be strengthened if the rate drops below 1.0710. Barclays have targets of 1.0460 and then 1.0215. EUR/USD closed at 1.1005 on Friday, representing a 0.53% increase from the previous close.

1.17 target on EUR/USD from Credit Suisse.

Credit Suisse provided an outlook on EUR/USD yesterday. The analysts presented a target of 1.17 for this pair. “A look at the EUR/USD implied vol curve tells us that the market is no better protected against disappointment this time than it was then. Two-week implied vol and risk-reversal skews are very similar to levels prevailing before […]

Neutral outlook on USD/JPY from UOB.

UOB is neutral on USD/JPY with an expected range of 112-115. However, the analyst mentioned that a decline below 112 would change their outlook to bearish. According to them a break above the resistance level of 115 is unlikely in a short term. The pair was trading at 111.7760 as of 06:00 AM EST today. […]

Barclays expectations on USD for the next weeks.

According to Barclays analysts the wage increase and inflation data releases supported the US dollar. Analysts are generally neutral on USD not expecting any meaningful move, however they believe that it can slightly appreciate during next weeks. US dollar strengthened against EUR and GBP this week. It rose by 3.5% and 1.3% against GBP and […]
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