Oil prices will reach $60 according to Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs analysts provided positive outlook on oil prices after being one of the most bearish viewers for a long time. “We expect that deferred prices will start to stabilize, consistent with the recent increase in producer hedging as they near their marginal costs. We believe the industry still has further to adjust and our […]

Barclays outlook on oil after failed Doha meeting.

Commodity analysts at Barclays provided their outlook on Brent Crude after the Doha meeting, where the oil exporting countries failed to reach a decision on oil production freeze. “Sunday’s highly anticipated meeting exposed the political rift between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and ultimately doomed the agreement. The producer countries are likely to meet again at […]

WTI oil analysis from Goldman Sachs.

According to Goldman Sachs analysts the oil price of $35 a barrel is right to make shares of U.S. explorers worth buying. Oil at $30 to $35 a barrel will keep the behavior of U.S. companies steady and help lift WTI to $55 to $60 a barrel next year. “We view our second-quarter 2016 oil […]

Oil target of $50-55 from Deutsche Bank.

Michael Hsueh, a commodities analyst at Deutsche Bank thinks that we will see higher crude prices in the years ahead. “Our revised balance shows that the current year will remain in a material surplus of +650 kb/d, representing a halfway point between the +1,150 kb/d surplus last year and a modeled +160 kb/d surplus in […]

Credit Suisse expects the oil price to hit $50.

According to Credit Suisse’s global equity research analysts the price of Crude oil may reach as high as $50/bbl by May 2016. The analysts mentioned that the fundamentals improved in February, so the demand will also remain strong, as the world is not “heading into recession, or worst”. Brent Crude closed above $38 on Friday, jumping […]

Morgan Stanley cut the oil forecast by 50%.

Morgan Stanley cuts its oil price forecast by 50%. According to the analysts, the oil price will trade at less than $30 per barrel in 2016. The last estimate from Morgan Stanley was above $50. The low forecast was driven by the fact that OPEC oil-producing cartel refuse to cut production.

Morgan Stanley lowered its oil forecast to $31.

Morgan Stanley lowered its forecast for oil price on Feb 4. According to the analyst Adam Longman, the weaker-than-expected demand, higher-than-expected supply, rising inventories postpone the rebalancing process and thus prevent prices to move higher thereafter. Morgan Stanley now estimates a price of Brent oil to be $31 in first quarter and $30 in the […]

HSBC expects $45 for oil.

HSBC decrease its forecast for Brent Crude by $15 and now estimates a price of $45 per barrel for 2016. It also changed its estimate for fuel prices in 2017 from $70 to $60 and for prices in 2018 from $80 to $75. It also added that it didn’t see an end to the falling […]
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