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Morgan Stanley bullish on USD.

According to Morgan Stanley analysts the Fed will keep the interest rates unchanged next week. “We are only expecting the Fed to lower the median 2016 dot to three hikes from four currently, stressing data dependence. Should the US economic data continue to improve, labor markets continue to tighten, and financial conditions loosen with the […]

Morgan Stanley is bullish on USD.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley expect the US dollar to strengthen against major currencies such as EUR, JPY and CHF. Data releases from US last week showed solid figures from labor market, domestic demand, and manufacturing. However, the analysts believe that the Fed will stay on the sidelines after the sharp tightening of financial conditions to […]

Morgan Stanley cut the oil forecast by 50%.

Morgan Stanley cuts its oil price forecast by 50%. According to the analysts, the oil price will trade at less than $30 per barrel in 2016. The last estimate from Morgan Stanley was above $50. The low forecast was driven by the fact that OPEC oil-producing cartel refuse to cut production.

Morgan Stanley lowered its oil forecast to $31.

Morgan Stanley lowered its forecast for oil price on Feb 4. According to the analyst Adam Longman, the weaker-than-expected demand, higher-than-expected supply, rising inventories postpone the rebalancing process and thus prevent prices to move higher thereafter. Morgan Stanley now estimates a price of Brent oil to be $31 in first quarter and $30 in the […]

Morgan Stanley expects USD to strengthen

US dollar strengthens, triggered more by events happening outside the US rather than those happening in it. Continuous stresses and doubts in emerging countries cause most currencies to weaken against USD. ECB President Mario Draghi’s announcement about keeping interest rates low strengthened the USD even more. Eventually, global capital should move to the US which […]

Morgan Stanley: Crude Oil at $20

Morgan Stanley sees USD strength as the main factor that could send oil down to $20. “Given the continued U.S. dollar appreciation, $20-$25 oil price scenarios are possible simply due to currency, The U.S. dollar and non-fundamental factors continue to drive oil prices.”
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