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Morgan Stanley is bullish on JPY after Brexit.

Morgan Stanley kept its bullish outlook on JPY unchanged. “The UK’s vote to leave has helped USDJPY break below 100, fueling speculation of FX intervention by the MoF. However, Japan is on the US Treasury’s list of potential currency manipulators, so it is unlikely to intervene unless it gets approval from the G7. The G7 […]

Bullish outlook on JPY from Morgan Stanley.

Morgan Stanley analysts are still bullish on JPY. “We maintain our structurally bullish JPY view. We don’t expect intervention, particularly in light of the current G7 meeting, and don’t expect fiscal stimulus to change the trajectory on JPY. With questions about the future success of Abenomics, FX hedging and repatriation flows will continue to drive […]

Bearish outlook on GBP from Morgan Stanley.

Morgan Stanley analysts provided their bearish outlook on GBP today. “Recent GBP weakness has been driven by a turnaround in the latest Brexit poll results, which we believe will remain volatile in the run up to the referendum. However, we stay bearish on GBP for structural reasons. First, recent UK economic data has remained sluggish. […]

Neutral outlook on EUR from Morgan Stanley.

According to the analysts from Morgan Stanley EUR/USD will fluctuate in the current range in the near term. “We expect EURUSD to be driven mainly by the USD leg in the short term, supporting some downside as it has broken the April low of 1.1220. We believe the currency will find it difficult to rally […]

Morgan Stanley is bearish on GBP.

Morgan Stanley analysts provided their outlook on GBP ahead of Brexit. “GBP’s sensitivity to the EU referendum polls has increased this week with the polls shifting towards remain. We believe the currency is going to remain sensitive to oil and equities too, so have kept our short GBP position in the portfolio but note the […]

GBP analysis from Morgan Stanley.

Morgan Stanley provided its bearish outlook on GBP yesterday. “We think the GBP rally has run its course for now as we expect risk appetite and commodity related currencies to decline in the coming weeks. In addition, we believe there is very little political risk premium priced into GBP today and so are entering a […]

Morgan Stanley’s bullish outlook on USD/JPY.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley suggested that the JPY will strengthen in near term. “The BoJ failing to deliver any easing measure anticipated by the market has caused JPY strength to come back into play, with USDJPY breaking below 108. The break below 107.63 – the April 11th low – means USDJPY is at the lowest […]

Morgan Stanley is neutral on USD/JPY.

Morgan Stanley analysts reported their neutral outlook on USD/JPY. “We think USDJPY could tactically rebound to 112.50, as strong global risk appetite reduces the demand for safe haven assets and pauses JPY-supportive repatriation flows by domestic investors. However, our medium term bullish view on JPY has not changed and we would look to sell at […]
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