Credit Agricole thinks that EUR rally should be sold.

Credit Agricole published their outlook on EUR/USD currency pair, mentioning an important announcement from ECB executive. Peter Praet (executive board member and chief economist of the ECB) made comments last week, according to which the ECB still has room for cutting interest rates further. “We remain of the view that EUR upside is limited from […]

UOB outlook on EUR/USD.

UOB Group provided their outlook on EUR/USD on March 21. “The bullish EUR phase that started on 11 Mar is still intact even though we are faced with strong resistance at 1.1375” said in the report. According to the analysts, only a break above 1.1375 would move the rate up to 1.1495 levels. As of […]

UOB turned bullish on EUR/USD.

UOB research team specialists turned to bullish on EUR/USD from neutral. “The current price action is reminiscent of the rally last December where the one day surge to a high of 1.0980 led to a limited extension to 1.1059” written in the report. According to the analysts, only a break above 1.1245 would signal a […]

Bearish target on EUR/USD from Barclays.

Barclays analysts turned even more bearish on EUR/USD after a break below the support level of 1.1060. As noted in the report their view will be strengthened if the rate drops below 1.0710. Barclays have targets of 1.0460 and then 1.0215. EUR/USD closed at 1.1005 on Friday, representing a 0.53% increase from the previous close.

1.17 target on EUR/USD from Credit Suisse.

Credit Suisse provided an outlook on EUR/USD yesterday. The analysts presented a target of 1.17 for this pair. “A look at the EUR/USD implied vol curve tells us that the market is no better protected against disappointment this time than it was then. Two-week implied vol and risk-reversal skews are very similar to levels prevailing before […]

Barclays expectations on USD for the next weeks.

According to Barclays analysts the wage increase and inflation data releases supported the US dollar. Analysts are generally neutral on USD not expecting any meaningful move, however they believe that it can slightly appreciate during next weeks. US dollar strengthened against EUR and GBP this week. It rose by 3.5% and 1.3% against GBP and […]

Morgan Stanley is bullish on USD.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley expect the US dollar to strengthen against major currencies such as EUR, JPY and CHF. Data releases from US last week showed solid figures from labor market, domestic demand, and manufacturing. However, the analysts believe that the Fed will stay on the sidelines after the sharp tightening of financial conditions to […]

EUR/USD bearish targets from Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs maintains its targets for EUR/USD of 1.04, 1.00 and 0.95 in 3, 6 and 12 months respectively. As per the report, the analysts believe that the currency pair will drop significantly lower driven by diverging growth and monetary policy outlooks. Although the Euro had substantially weakened during the last 18 months, Goldman Sachs […]

Wells Fargo expects the EUR/USD to decline.

Analysts at Wells Fargo think that ECB will choose to ease the monetary policy further in the upcoming meeting, taking into account the Eurozone Q4 GDP data. “While the broader expansion in euro area economic activity remains in place, the 1.5 percent year-ago growth rate registered in Q4 is hardly a blockbuster pace, and has […]
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