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Barclays is bullish on USD/CAD.

Barclays turned to neutral for USD/CAD in the short-term, as the currency pair closed below 1.4150 near the 21 day moving average, which increases the risk of deeper possible correction. According to the analysts at Barclays, they are bullish on USD/CAD and are looking for signs of a base to re-enter a long position. If […]

Barclays estimates the next target of EUR/USD near 1.0640.

The strategy team at Barclays Capital provided trading strategies for six major currency pairs on January 25. The technical setup for EUR/USD was as follows: The currency pair closed below 1.0805 on Friday, which supported the Barclays’ initial outlook towards 1.0710 target level. The analysts expect that next target will be near 1.0640 and then […]

Barclays – Long USD/CNH

  Barclays recommends Long USD/CNH: “as Chinese officials place increasing emphasis on stability of the trade-weighted CNY, we think there is scope for significant weakness against the USD in an environment of Fed tightening.” Barclays on the EUR/USD: “FX market liquidity dropped materially into year-end, with average daily EUR/USD volumes about 1/3 of their 2015 average […]

Barclays AUD/USD 2016 forecast – 0.63

Barclays sees AUD/USD as overvalued by 9% (!) at the moment. They are forecasting AUD/USD 0.63 rate at the end of 2016. Barclays rationale: If commodity prices and the currency hold at current levels, this suggests that the real exchange rate will start next year 9% overvalued, which is well above a one-standard deviation divergence […]
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