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Barclays recommends selling USD/JPY.

Barclays Capital suggest investors to sell USD/JPY this week, because they “believe the FOMC is unlikely to provide much support for the USD, while BoJ inaction this week could result in some yen appreciation pressure again, particularly in light of downside risk arising from the EU Referendum”. “From a technical perspective, we are overall bearish […]

A target of 1.4005 on GBP/USD from Barclays.

Barclays analysts turned even more bearish on GBP/USD after the pair fell below the support level of 1.4340 “and signal a double-top under the 1.4770 highs.” “Our initial targets are towards the 1.4090 area. A move below there would signal downside towards 1.4005” written in the report. As of 9:02 AM EDT the pair was […]

Barclays remained bearish on AUD/USD.

Barclays analysts are still bearish on AUD/USD. “We are clinging to our bearish view. Wednesday’s spike higher and subsequent low close signals buyer capitulation. A low close today would endorse downside towards 0.7040 and then the 0.6825 year-to-date lows. A sustained break above 0.7260 would signal a squeeze higher towards 0.7370 before sellers emerge” written […]

Bearish targets on NZD/USD from Barclays.

Barclays analysts provided setups for several major currencies. According to them NZD/USD will decline to 0.6545 areas. “We are bearish against the 0.7055 range highs. A break below nearby support in the 0.6805 area would confirm a top under 0.7055 and open targets near initial targets near 0.6760. Measured targets for the top are towards […]

Barclays is neutral on GBP/USD.

Analysts at Barclays provided their targets on GBP/USD, stating their neutral outlook. “We are neutral and look for signs of a top near the 1.4670 range highs to prompt us to turn more bearish. A decisive break above 1.4670 however, would force us to assume a stronger than currently expected corrective rally. For now we […]

Bearish target on NZD/USD from Barclays.

Barclays Capital provided its technical setups for several major currency pairs. The analysts provided a bearish target on NZD/USD. “Failure to sustain a breach of resistance near 0.6990 along with last week’s topping candle helps to keep us bearish. We are looking for a move lower towards targets near 0.6760 and then the 0.6670 area. […]

Barclays outlook on oil after failed Doha meeting.

Commodity analysts at Barclays provided their outlook on Brent Crude after the Doha meeting, where the oil exporting countries failed to reach a decision on oil production freeze. “Sunday’s highly anticipated meeting exposed the political rift between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and ultimately doomed the agreement. The producer countries are likely to meet again at […]

Bearish target on NZD/USD from Barclays Capital.

According to the latest technical setups from Barclays Capital the analysts are bearish on NZD/USD currency pair. “We are bearish against resistance in the 0.6990 area and look for a move below 0.6760 to signal lower towards targets near 0.6670 and then 0.6545” written in the report. As of 4:56 PM EDT the NZD/USD was […]

USD/JPY bearish targets from Barclays.

The technical strategy team at Barclays Capital provided their forecast for USD/JPY. “Our bearish view was encouraged by the test of our initial downside targets in the 110.35/05 area. A move below Tuesday’s 109.95 low would confirm downside traction towards support near 109.60 and then towards the 107.60 area. Our greater targets are near 106.65.” […]

USD/CAD outlook from Barclays Capital.

The technical strategy team at Barclays Capital provided technical setup for USD/CAD. “We prefer to fade upticks towards 1.3165, near the 21-dma and look for the recent range highs near 1.3300 to cap a move lower towards initial targets in the 1.2830 area. Beyond there we see room towards 1.2670 next” written in the report. […]
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